BSSU makes enhancements to ECAS

Following the successful development of the Education Contract Attendance System (ECAS), Marijn Kampf of BSSU has recently made further enhancements prior to launch on 2nd August.

ECAS is used to monitor trainee attendance at educational sessions. Upon signing into the system, the trainee is able to select the session type from a drop-down menu as well as entering the date and time of the session. The calendar function displays attendance across a full week.

Trainees are required to accept the terms and conditions on initial sign in. As well as logging and viewing attendance, trainees can view their attendance history and export these details in an Excel sheet. ECAS has been configured so that it can be easily accessed on devices such as smartphones and tablets, thus enhancing its usability.

The reason for non-attendance of a session can be recorded on ECAS. This enables the Specialty Training team to monitor and address potential issues with specific Health Boards. Reporting tools developed within the system facilitate the production of stats.

There are currently 300 registered users of ECAS, and this number will increase in the near future. Specialty Training and BSSU have collaborated in the production of two promotional ECAS slides which are currently being displayed in Postgraduate Centres across Wales.

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