BSSU welcomes new Web Programmer to the team

BSSU is delighted to welcome a new Web Programmer, Gareth Peters, to the team.

Gareth has worked for Cardiff University since February 2012, initially as Web Developer with the Central Web Team then the Welsh School of Architecture. Prior to joining the Wales Deanery, Gareth held the position of Digital Communications Officer with the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

Gareth was attracted to the role of Web Programmer with BSSU as it represented a new challenge in his work. He welcomes the opportunity to code again, and to build high quality websites and applications. Having been the only 'web' person in previous teams, Gareth is looking forward to working within a team of Developers and learning from them, as well as contributing his own ideas and skills. Gareth says his first impressions of BSSU are very good, that the team seem great, and everybody is happy and positive.

All aspects of programming appeal to Gareth but he particularly enjoys learning new skills and languages. He says, "There is something very satisfying about typing pages and pages of code and seeing it transform into wonderful functional tools for people. It’s also very rewarding when people come to you with a vague idea of a tool or a site they want to make their life or job easier and you can create this for them."

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