Enhanced LINCymru website launched

On 21st August 2017 Wales Deanery launched its greatly enhanced LINCymru website.

'Leadership and Improvement Network Wales' is a Quality Improvement (QI) network for junior doctors and dentists in training throughout Wales. It aims to increase awareness of QI opportunities, provide training via 1000 Lives and Health Board QI hubs, support QI projects with resources and advice, facilitate collaborative, multi-site projects, encourage continuation of projects during changeover periods and develop leadership skills through leading QI projects.

The website development work was undertaken by Web Programmer Gareth Peters in close collaboration with Dr Miriam John, a former Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellow. The project has been ongoing since May 2017 and has largely focused on the members area of the website. The site was migrated from Joomla to SilverStripe, an intuitive and flexible content management system (CMS).

Gareth explained, "The increased functionality makes it more straightforward for users to create and complete Quality Improvement projects and enhances the overall user experience". Dr John added, "The new website functionality will encourage trainees to undertake QI projects that contribute to NHS Wales priorities and set up and join multi-site improvement initiatives. It also offers support to trainees to help them complete their projects and prepare abstracts for presentations and publications."

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