Marijn completes training in user experience and leadership

Marijn Kampf, Web Programmer with the HEIW Digital team, recently undertook two training courses to enhance his professional development and that of the team.

In late October Marijn attended a three day Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience course with UserVision in London. The course, led by Chris Rourke, informs participants how to apply user experience following the user-centred design process of the International Usability Standard ISO 9241. Following completion of the course, attendees have the opportunity to sit a certification exam which leads to an internationally recognised qualifcation.

Following successful completion of the course and exam, Marijn commented, "The course contained many theoretical and practical tips for improving user experience and will greatly enhance future projects. There was great emphasis on involving users from the very start of the project to ensure it is fit for purpose".

In early November Marijn attended a two day 'Moving into Leadership' course led by Cath Hancock of Cardiff University. The training focused on what it's like to be a leader and included ideas that can be implemented in day to day practices. Marijn found the course very interesting and useful and particularly enjoyed the interactive elements.

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