Matching Scheme enhancements introduced for Foundation Doctors

BSSU Web Programmers Abrar Ullah and Marijn Kampf have recently worked in close collaboration with the Deanery's Foundation Programme to launch an enhanced Matching Scheme.

The F2 Matching Scheme is an online programme which matches F1 doctors to F2 programmes in Wales. The process is carried out approximately five months after the start of the F1 year, allowing the F1 doctor to make an informed decision regarding their choice of F2 job.

Recent improvements to Foundation's Matching Scheme include enhanced functionality and usability using a 'Responsive Theme'. Responsive themes follow the responsive web design approach which aims to create websites that offer optimal user experience across various devices and screen resolutions including desktop computers, tablets such as iPad, smartphones and other mobile devices.

The enhanced Matching Scheme also offers an increased level of security, a feature constantly reviewed and prioritised by BSSU in all new developments and system enhancements.

Sioned Edwards, Executive Officer of the Foundation Scheme, commented, "The Scheme has been running very successfully for some years but required modernisation. The Wales Foundation School has been working closely with BSSU over the last few months to make these improvements ready for its opening on 5th January 2018. We are extremely happy with the new enhanced version which not only looks good, but is more user-friendly for all concerned. The support provided by BSSU has been exceptional."

Abrar and Marijn are now working with the Deanery's Dental section to upgrade their Matching Scheme. Discussions are also taking place with other parties including NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) to create a Matching Scheme for nurses to be rolled out by the end of 2018.

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