Mobile and App Development

As mobile devices become more accessible and powerful, app markets and app stores have allowed mobile device users to expand their function to better facilitate work and learning on the move.

Native apps, such as the Medical Careers Map, installs and integrates with Apple devices, such as iPhones, as well as Android mobile devices. Native apps provide a slick, user-friendly experience where an internet connection is not always necessary.

Mobile web apps

With fast mobile internet connections now becoming widespread, mobile devices are able to take full advantage to access online content on request. The mobile web offers huge benefits to our audiences, in being able to serve and deliver content direct from websites and existing online systems, such as events and news feeds. BISSU supports current design and development principles for creating and supporting the mobile web through responsive and adaptive websites;


Our website was developed for mobile first – designing and optimising content prioritised for mobile users. Responsive development allows content to be scaled up to every large device, from tablets to laptops and desktops, right through to presentation screens. The user experience is designed to ‘respond’ to the device which the user is using.


Sometimes we need to provide a user experience for specific devices. We might need to develop a user experience that is similar to a native app, but avoids serving it through an app market. It might be the case that we need a web-based application that only needs to deliver certain content and notifications to the end user if they are using a smart phone. BSSU specialises in adaptive mobile web-development, tailoring mobile user experiences on a device by device basis.


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