Successful review of ECAS

BSSU met recently with Helen Baker, Associate Director of Secondary Care, for a post-launch review of the new Education Contract Attendance System (ECAS).

The project was developed by BSSU's programmers, Marijn Kampf and Abrar Ullah, within a three month timescale, and involved close collaboration and regular meetings with Wales Deanery's Specialty Training section. Chris Bourne also produced user guides for admin staff and users. The system will be fully accessible to trainees in all specialties by August 2017.

Helen reported that she was very satisfied with the system's functionality and that all requirements have been met. She added that, throughout development, queries were dealt with efficiently, and the understanding and collaboration between BSSU and Specialty Training ensured the process ran smoothly. Helen thanked Marijn and Abrar and the rest of the BSSU team for all their help and support and for producing the system within a tight timescale.

Further information about ECAS can be found here.

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