Wales Deanery launches new room booking system

Wales Deanery is delighted to launch a new internal online room booking system from 22nd June to replace the previous Excel spreadsheet.

The new system, which was researched and developed by Chris Bourne, BSSU's Web Application Support Officer, has a clear and user friendly interface together with increased functionality which enables users to list attendees and add equipment requirements. Availability can be viewed via date or users can view the availability of a specific meeting room.

The new room booking system is a welcome additional feature in the recently launched Wales Deanery intranet making it easily accessible to staff. Although the system is designed to be intuitive and straightforward to navigate, training has been provided by BSSU, and a user guide for easy reference has been made available to guide staff through the process.

Angela Winter of Medical Education said, "I have already used the room booking system and found it to be a great improvement on the previous spreadsheet. The process is much enhanced by multiple users being able to access the system at the same time".

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